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Date: 10/08/21 09:47
Pace yourself, Jimmy
Author: WrongWayMurphy

When my kids were little I bought a bunch of Brio trains on the cheap at garage sales,
and they occasionally played with them.  Fast forward 30 years and I gave the lot to my
daughter for her boy, my grandson Jimmy, to play with.

He is 3 and has played with them non-stop.  My daughter and her hubby says it's great for problem solving
and great for keeping him occupied while they both are working from home.  Photo she sent me here
from her Dallas home today.  He needs to problem solve that double female open joint by removing the
double female shorty straight at  bottom left, but as much as I want to point it out, it's better to let them figure it out.

Date: 10/08/21 10:16
Re: Pace yourself, Jimmy
Author: exhaustED

Wow, that's some layout.... one or two sun kinks if I'm not mistaken!

Nothing quite as satisfying as getting a fiendishly difficult track joining issue sorted... fingers crossed!

Date: 10/08/21 10:17
Re: Pace yourself, Jimmy
Author: calsubd

Hmmm, bet a can of spray paint would ballast all that !

Ed Stewart
Jacksonville, FL

Date: 10/08/21 10:33
Re: Pace yourself, Jimmy
Author: Bob3985

This will keep his attention until he turns 14.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 10/08/21 12:31
Re: Pace yourself, Jimmy
Author: Bucyrus-Erie

Great job, grandpa!

When my three boys were little I bought a ton of Brio ... but at the store. Made in Scandinavia somewhere ... so expensive. But, what a great value. A really great "toy." Hours and hours.

My first grandchild is two ...I'm ready.

Jim Lee
Lake Hopatcong, NJ


Date: 10/09/21 17:37
Re: Pace yourself, Jimmy
Author: BoilingMan

Nice Post
Thank you!

Date: 10/13/21 18:31
Re: Pace yourself, Jimmy
Author: atsf121

That’s quite the layout, even looks like it works better than mine. My kids have their wooden trains running around the floor of my layout room. Dad’s trains and kids’ trains.


Posted from iPhone

Date: 10/13/21 21:46
Re: Pace yourself, Jimmy
Author: OHCR1551

I remember those days so fondly. Box of track plus box of trains equaled plenty of time to get newspaper column done by deadline.

Now, if you have or know someone who has a 3D filament printer, Brio-style track supply will be constant. 

Rebecca Morgan
Jacobsburg, OH

Date: 10/14/21 04:21
Re: Pace yourself, Jimmy
Author: SPDRGWfan

When I was a little Jimmy in the 60's, I didn't have anything quite as posh, but very similar - Childs Guidance plastic track and trains.  But I enjoyed them just the same band built many floor layouts with them and had great fun.  I don't think I had to pace myself, it all came naturally.


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