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Model Railroading > Utah Belt at 1:1 scale?

Date: 05/06/22 14:24
Utah Belt at 1:1 scale?
Author: mile250

A change of location for the border crossing has been covered superficially on several industry websites (New Mexico vs. Texas). An entirely new rail lane from Mexico to Canada? I doubt it. More likely some new track in Mexico, some added or upgraded track in the US, and a bit more in Canada. I've seen no background for this proposal, which is odd. This is particularly weird because years ago a model railroader conceived and built a model "Utah Belt" railroad that would sort of fit this lane.

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Date: 05/06/22 17:59
Re: Utah Belt at 1:1 scale?
Author: wabash2800

I believe he and his model railroad still exist. Maybe he can sell the roadname and paint scheme? <G>

Victor B.

Date: 05/07/22 05:05
Re: Utah Belt at 1:1 scale?
Author: WrongWayMurphy

That announcement about moving a new rail line from Tx to NM amounts to nothing.

Its just a PR stunt to try to stick it to Gov Greg Abbott.  Mexico has little input where a rail 
freight superhighway in he USA would get built, assuming one gets built at all.

Date: 05/11/22 14:41
Re: Utah Belt at 1:1 scale?
Author: CaliforniaSteamin

The cult following of everything Utah Belt is a head scratcher to me still to this day.  

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