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Date: 05/07/22 15:53
Bowser freight car question...
Author: hartrick24

   I'm thinking about buying a few GTW Bowser 70-Ton 2 bay covered hoppers. I would like your oppinion on the quality of them. I have many other high quality freight cars but none for Bowser....

      Thank you
    Steve H...

Date: 05/07/22 16:11
Re: Bowser freight car question...
Author: Barstool

Bowser 70 ton covered hoppers,  I have two and both track well, the location of the train you are running, they might not be able to handle a long cut of cars ahead of them...... 

Date: 05/07/22 16:20
Re: Bowser freight car question...
Author: King_Coal

I don't have a GTW covered hopper, but I like my other ones. If the are light, ample opportunity to put additional weight inside. The ladders and grab irons are thickish, but the rest looks pretty good.

I added a Plano roof walk to this one but the Bowser one is totally adequate.

The car that Bowser did very well was their PRR H31. Sad they didn't do a repeat at that quality level with the H21, GLa or one of their other hoppers. It is a good value if you find one.

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Date: 05/09/22 17:52
Re: Bowser freight car question...
Author: wingomann

The Bowser hopper car kits are enjoyable to build.  Nicely engineered.  I built one and had fun doing it so I bought another.

Date: 05/10/22 08:24
Re: Bowser freight car question...
Author: Clarence

I built several of the 70 ton covered hoppers. Good lookers and I use them today. The only snag was some undercarriage piece interfered with truck turning - Bowser recommended trimming the piece and all was well after that.

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