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Date: 07/27/22 07:11
Display Case Recommendation
Author: bigmc83

Does anyone display their trains in display cases such as those found in hobby shops and retail?  I'm wanting to display my HO and O gauge models (IE: 5-6 pieces of each), and am trying to find some reasonably priced cases.  Amazon has a few, but was curious if there are better options.  I'm not looking for super long ones, but it would be nice to display an O scale loco + 2 pass cars coupled together.  I would prefer a counter height model with adjustable shelves.  


Date: 07/27/22 07:30
Re: Display Case Recommendation
Author: JeffZCT

Drive around town and look for business that have closed down or closing out. Many times they sell their display cases dirt cheap. You should also check the auction listings in your area for business that are being auctioned off. I picked up two glass display cases for $50.00. It was more trouble trying to get them home .

Date: 07/27/22 08:44
Re: Display Case Recommendation
Author: 2-10-2

There are also businesses that specialize in retail business furnishings - display cases, clothing racks, etc. Obviously you'll end up paying more than finding something in a "going out of business" sale or auction, but the quality and appearance is sometimes better.

Date: 07/27/22 11:29
Re: Display Case Recommendation
Author: Bscale316

A cheap alternative is a baseball bat display case.
Only one level, 38" long, but could be stacked.
Added a background flat, roadbed, track, and ballast.
Displays a NG loco and 3 or 4 cars.
Mainly it's a cheap choice!

Just a thought.
Bill in Ft Worth


Date: 07/27/22 18:21
Re: Display Case Recommendation
Author: AVR3001

Check out Showcase Express.  I have their product and like it.

Date: 07/28/22 16:15
Re: Display Case Recommendation
Author: 4-4-0LiveSteam

I have had success getting a couple display cases from govdeals dot com. Only problem is no shipping, so make sure you search by your zip code.
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