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Model Railroading > Skunk Train Caboose?

Date: 07/30/22 23:33
Skunk Train Caboose?
Author: RRBMail

Did any manufacturer produce a model or stand-in for a California Western caboose from when it was still a common carrier? Thanks in advance!

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Date: 07/31/22 18:04
Re: Sunk Train Caboose?
Author: boejoe

Anybody have a photo of the prototype  When I go to Google, I only see a model of what looks like a bobber style.

Date: 07/31/22 21:27
Re: Sunk Train Caboose?
Author: TomG

Refine your search. Google california western caboose. It brings up a picture of #04, #10 and #11.

Weaverville, CA

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