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Date: 09/12/22 22:45
Photo of prewired surface mount LED
Author: railstiesballast

In my earlier thread the question arose as to what is a pre-wired surface mount LED.
Here are two 402 size pre-wired, the one of the left is from Richmond Controls and the right is from a vendor I cannot recall that I found on the web.
Most of the mass market ones are like the one on the right, with the two wires leading off the end.  These wires are very fine stranded wire about 30 or 32 gauge and easy  to work with.
Richmond will sell theirs in this configuration, with the wires leading off from the back, in their "headlight' style or leading from the end like the other one, as their "ditchlight" style.  
And that style fits nicely into HO ditch light cases.  
Richmond's wires are very fine enameled magnet wire that is twisted into the small cable you see (?) here.
That wire will fit almost anywhere, including between the metal chassis casting and the plastic body shell of most locos..
I believe that all colors you might need are offered from almost all the vendors.
Richmond has the purest green I have seen, specifically for wayside signals; it is gorgeous.

Date: 09/13/22 11:57
Re: Photo of prewired surface mount LED
Author: sf1010

Thank you!

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