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Date: 01/23/23 21:50
Teething problems on Athearn HO Bombardier cars
Author: displacedneb

I got a set of these several years and finally got a Rapido F59 this last weekend to pull out them. I am curious as to issues any of you have had in getting these set up to run.

I’ve got unrailment and coupler issues already. Are there lighting kits to be had?

Thanks for answers.

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Date: 01/23/23 22:22
Re: Teething problems on Athearn HO Bombardier cars
Author: railstiesballast

I have also had a set of them for many years and to my recollection they have not had any derailments.
I only run them occasionally, including earlier this month.
Here is a cab car lead, I staged the F59 PH there to look like a meet.
One thing to know is that they have narrow tread wheels (0.088"? compared to regular 0.110") so if you have any wide gauge locations they might drop in between the rails.
I watch, quite amazed, as they go around curves with just a tiny bit of the tread hanging on the ball of the rail, but so far so good.
Richmond Controls sold a directional lighting kit for the cab car that I installed and that was for DC and it worked fine.  
When I converted to DCC I had to change to a decoder, but was able to use the Richmond LEDs.

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