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Date: 05/18/23 22:50
"Lonely Cattle Cars"
Author: Fiftyfooter

It might be a little while before anybody comes back to retrieve these lonely Sacramento Northern cattle cars at the beginning of the season near Walnut Creek, CA in 1955. The cows have gone to pasture to eat fresh grass and fatten up and they won't be back for a little while. Often home roads like the Western Pacific who owned the track, would just forget about these stragglers until it was time to load and ship!

Modeled by Charles Smiley-www.cspmovies.com

Date: 05/19/23 13:52
Re: "Lonely Cattle Cars"
Author: UP951West

Beautiful scene. Thanks for sharing. 

Date: 05/19/23 16:23
Re: "Lonely Cattle Cars"
Author: tomstp

Yes sir, cattle cars spent a lot of time providing shade for ants.

Date: 05/20/23 09:56
Re: "Lonely Cattle Cars"
Author: GAPRoute

They used to arrive in Kalamazoo loaded with bricks.

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