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Date: 05/25/23 10:37
Help with Athearn All Purpose Flat
Author: skokieswift

Hello All:

Can anyone tell me how to assemble and  install the trailer hitches and container supports on an Athearn 85' all purpose flat?  All the ones I've gotten so far have had the hitches and container supports already installed.  I am not seeing any snap in guides for the container supports and the trailer hitches come in 3 parts and do not seem to snap together or hold together for glueing.  I would like to configure this car to hold 1 40' trailer and one container AND have both removeable.  The instructions that came with it (maybe a page is missing?) do not address anything about the container supports.

Thanks in advance,

Skokie Swift

Date: 05/25/23 12:23
Re: Help with Athearn All Purpose Flat
Author: MrMRL

Date: 05/25/23 18:28
Re: Help with Athearn All Purpose Flat
Author: tracktime

It might be unclear in that exploded view drawing,but the retaining plate (20017) sandwiches the two supports against the hitch plate.  It's not too bad once you get one of them assembled.


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