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Date: 06/07/24 09:14
Intermountain Coupler Help
Author: skokieswift


Please see the attached photo.  This is an Intermountain brand 60' flat with a high couplier (the other end is fine). I took the truck off expecting the coupler box to open (ala Roundhouse, etc.) but it did not.  Can anyone tell me how to get ti open without breaking anything.  Also - does this end look high as if the car is bent?  Something looks "off" to me with this car. It was "new" on the shelf at a hobby shop but who knows, right?  Sorry, all attempts to rotate this photo failed!

Thanks in advance, 


Date: 06/07/24 09:45
Re: Intermountain Coupler Help
Author: Highhood

To me it looks high and also looks like the coupler shank MAY have been bent down. 
but what do I know. 
I have been using a c-ing I dog for years now. 😂

Jon Fink
Schenectady, NY

Date: 06/07/24 10:03
Re: Intermountain Coupler Help
Author: SPDRGWfan

Is the IMRC flat car bowed or warped in anyway?  That can affect the coupler height.

Date: 06/07/24 10:30
Re: Intermountain Coupler Help
Author: spsunset

Car looks tilted badly or wheels out of gauge Are they both on the rails?

Date: 06/07/24 11:32
Re: Intermountain Coupler Help
Author: OldCond

It took a couple of tries...

Date: 06/07/24 13:03
Re: Intermountain Coupler Help
Author: TCnR

Agree that it looks like something about the frame is loose or warped, somehow determine that the truck is seated correctly. The coupler looks loose and is drooping, possibly why it could pass a go / no-go test and ship from the factory. It's possible that just taking the whole thing apart, inspecting and putting it all back together could find the problem.

frustrating when that happens,

Some dis-assembly required.

Date: 06/07/24 19:06
Re: Intermountain Coupler Help
Author: CSX2605

My experience was the couplers were always high on these flats and I just used a Kadee overset coupler(145 whisker) and that lowered the knuckle and I was back in business.
I think that coupler cover just snaps off, like with a very small straight screwdriver. Been a while since I did one but I believe the cover has a center pin that snaps in the center of the coupler pocket where the coupler sets into and pivots on. 
Worst case is just email them and ask how to remove the cover.

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Date: 06/08/24 11:05
Re: Intermountain Coupler Help
Author: skokieswift

Thank you for all the help and suggestions. I will be returned the car to the hobby shop, but after receiving all these replies, I think I will give it another shot. I’m on good terms with the shop owner so I’m sure he’ll let me borrow the car and see if I can fix it. Thanks again for all the ideas and suggestions.

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Date: 06/08/24 12:54
Re: Intermountain Coupler Help
Author: WAF

Looks doable, but a tiny bit high

Date: 06/08/24 20:05
Re: Intermountain Coupler Help
Author: grahamline

Could be incorrect assembly at the factory. Could be a terrifically sloppy coupler bix . Not sure how this flat is built, but could also be that the internal central frame or underframe piece is slightly too long to fit into the deck molding, and will need to be shortened.  Our club car fleet experience of 900+ cars suggests that overset and underset couplers are rarely a good answer.  MTH made a similar nice solid flat.  Not sure what the current status of that MTH model might be.

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