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Date: 02/27/08 08:04
Tshiuetin Rail(ex-QNSL) story
Author: DRLOCO

for those of you unafraid of the cold, the link below is a story about a real "flag stop" train...
The former passenger operations of the QNS&L, along with limited freight operations on the 134 mile former QNSL Menihek Sub from Ross Bay Jct to Schefferville have been taken over by Tshiuetin Rail Transportation, a company owned by the native Innu people in the area. They are operating passenger trains twice-weekly from Sept Iiles to ScheffervilleQC...and the rare freight service from Schevverville down to the QNSL junction...Since the mine closed in the 80's, QNSL had been looking to get rid of the line, but the natives in the area opposed it, since many of their hunting and fishing grounds adjoin the tracks, and the train provides easy access.

There is also a photo gallery with plenty of photos along the route.


They also own two former Amtrak F40's #261 is TRT 600, and former #291(shown below as TRT601--obviously not my photo), along with at least 2 former CN GP38-2W's.

Date: 02/27/08 08:25
Re: Tshiuetin Rail(ex-QNSL) story
Author: DavidP

Interesting story and pictures. Looks like the baggage cars are ex-Amtrak MHCs - can anyone confirm?

Thanks for posting!


Date: 02/27/08 08:42
Do they run the connecting service?
Author: Cameraman

I am curious if Tshiuetin Rail Transportation provides a loco and crew to run the Labrador City to Ross Bay branch connection that -- at the time of my visit -- makes a a round trip to meet the "mainline" passenger train. Anyone know if you can see their equipment in Lab City?

My quess would be they just pay QNSL to provide that service. Anyone been up to the area recently?

Date: 02/27/08 13:22
Re: Do they run the connecting service?
Author: RNinRVR

Interesting story. I have a friend, via MSTS, who is a retired Cheif RTC of the QNS&L who did some work training the RTC's for this line.

Sharon Evans
Glen Allen, VA

Date: 02/27/08 14:05
Re: Do they run the connecting service?
Author: geoff_s

The two F40s are the pair that were on the Morristown & Erie - 265 (not 261) and 291.
AMTK265 > TSH600
AMTK291 > TSH601


Date: 02/27/08 18:42
Re: QNS&L Passenger Cars
Author: Jack_Deasy

Do they still use the former Wabash/N&W/Southern dome coach on that line?


What about the former Southern Railway coaches?

Date: 02/27/08 19:37
Re: QNS&L Passenger Cars
Author: FIREMAN424

they received two former CN widecabs from metro east industries in East St. Louis Illinois a while back, interesting paint jobs,kind of a GO Transit sceme only with blue and white,
Randy Allard

Date: 02/29/08 12:44
Re: QNS&L Passenger Cars
Author: DRLOCO

The baggage cars are ex amtrak MHC cars. Most of their equipment is amtk hand-me-downs. The headend crew (as misrepresented in the article) is provided by the QNS&L, who I am sure gets a subsidy from the government (or TRT) to get paid for their service. The rest of the train crew(baggage handlers, coach attendants, etc) is all first nations (that's Canadian for native) people.

Date: 02/16/09 20:46
Re: QNS&L Passenger Cars
Author: dan

I was told the dome has been sold to an ontario operation, maybe the same one as the fargo dome?

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