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Passenger Trains > BNSF/Metra cars....Chicago...heads up!!!

Date: 12/11/09 03:35
BNSF/Metra cars....Chicago...heads up!!!
Author: hammer

Was at a local tavern along the line, and stepped out to smoke a 'boro saw one of the dink locals make a stop......as its slowing one of the ex-burlington cars had BNSF Railway printed along the letterbords in the Old Burlington style lettering.....IT LOOKED SOOOOO COOL!!! SOOO RETRO!!!! I didnt have a camera, even if I did the temp was -20 with the wind chill and I wasnt about to run a block to catch it.
So just wanted to let ya'all know, I dont know if it was a one off or they are doing that to all the "letterboard" cars, but its out there runnin around, I'll try to catch on cam,
PS... I know that this is not superexciting news, but did break up the monotony of the plain silver cars that are "generic" metra....

Date: 12/11/09 06:35
Re: BNSF/Metra cars....Chicago...heads up!!!
Author: trainboy03

There is also a car with BURLINGTON spelled out. It still carries the BNSF logo next to the door.



Date: 12/11/09 06:49
Re: BNSF/Metra cars....Chicago...heads up!!!
Author: hammer

Hey Erik,
Thanks for the link to the pics, I really hope they keep up with this! Obviously I'm a little late as I think the date was in November, that car did catch me off guard though, I had to do a double take!!
I will say though, that little bit of detail makes them soooooo cool!
Thanks again!

Date: 12/11/09 07:32
Re: BNSF/Metra cars....Chicago...heads up!!!
Author: kevink

Car 757 with the BNSF RAILWAY lettering was on my train home last night, BNSF 1261 departing CUS at 5:10 pm. While this is after dark, 1261 comes into CUS as train 1270 departing Aurora at 3:20 pm. Unless they switch around the cars in the train set, it may very well be on the same trains today. If so, 757 should be the car next to engine.

Date: 12/11/09 07:42
Re: BNSF/Metra cars....Chicago...heads up!!!
Author: hammer

Then we may have witnessed each other. If it was a local dink, I was at Georges (Berwyn)......kinda cool, it was the first car behind the loco!

Date: 12/11/09 21:00
Re: BNSF/Metra cars....Chicago...heads up!!!
Author: czephyr17

Awesome, if you or anyone else has more pictures I would love to see them. Are all the old cars receiving this treatment? I always thought the old Burlington gallery cars in their original livery were among the most classy looking commuter cars anywhere, due in large part to the style of lettering. Almost makes me want to trek up there from Texas to take a look-see.

Date: 12/14/09 15:30
Re: BNSF/Metra cars....Chicago...heads up!!!
Author: SilverSky

A nice flashback but the B U R L I N G T O N lettering is too large on the letterboard. Silver Solarium suffered from a similar issue with oversized lettering until it was corrected by her current owner. Thanks for making it right.
Silver Sky

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