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Passenger Trains > Sandy Creek and NS PVs on P030

Date: 04/20/17 20:04
Sandy Creek and NS PVs on P030
Author: ddavies

Wick Moorman's private car Sandy Creek trails NS Virginia and West Virginia at the rear of P030 today, seen at Shenandoah Junction, WV.

Other pics from today:

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Date: 04/21/17 07:56
Re: Sandy Creek and NS PVs on P030
Author: aehouse

My parents and I were passengers on NYC train 26, the eastbound 20th Century Limited, on June 21-22, 1963 from Chicago to GCT. The Sandy Creek was the assigned obs car (running as boarding line 260) that trip.

Fifty-four years on, my parents are gone, the Century is gone, but the Sandy Creek still rolls the rails. It has survived in other services far longer than it served on the New York Central (1948-67), but I'll always associate it with the Century and that never-to-be-forgotten trip with my mom and dad.

I'm very pleased that Mr. Moorman has preserved it in yet another reincarnation.

Art House
Gettysburg, Pa.

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Date: 04/21/17 08:38
Re: Sandy Creek and NS PVs on P030
Author: ts1457

I wonder if Wick has an arrangement with NS to use and maintain the car?

Date: 04/21/17 12:49
Re: Sandy Creek and NS PVs on P030
Author: NKP715

The shades were drawn - was anybody riding ?

And adding to the prior post, does he actually
use this car in lieu of Amtrak owned equipment ?

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