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Passenger Trains > "Train Time In Big Moose, NY"

Date: 07/15/17 15:57
"Train Time In Big Moose, NY"
Author: ut-1

This video shows today's Adirondack Scenic Railroad's train arriving in Big Moose, NY early this afternoon.

Big Moose is the present northerly terminus of the Adirondack Railroad. It is located 64 miles north of Utica on the former Adirondack Division of the New York Central.

At 2044 feet elevation, Big Moose was the highest point on the Adirondack Division.

Please excuse the occasional buzzing as I was being "strafed" throughout by a squadron of horse flies.

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Date: 07/15/17 17:26
Re: "Train Time In Big Moose, NY"
Author: RevRandy

thank you - know Big Moose station well. You had better weather there then we near Paris Station on the Susquehanna.

Date: 07/15/17 18:00
Re: "Train Time In Big Moose, NY"
Author: train1275

Stuka Ju 87 Dive Bombers are actually smaller than Adirondack horse flies.

Nice video. The siding sure looks 1000% better than the last time I saw it and did a run-around move there.

Too bad the wye is gone.

Date: 07/16/17 13:32
Re: "Train Time In Big Moose, NY"
Author: retcsxcfm

Sweeeeet horn!

Uncle Joe

Date: 07/16/17 15:11
Re: "Train Time In Big Moose, NY"
Author: SpeederDriver

That needs to be an RS3 in lightning stripes :=)>

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