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Passenger Trains > -20F on the BNSF Chicago Sub

Date: 02/01/19 21:25
-20F on the BNSF Chicago Sub
Author: kevink

The kids made me get dressed to go outside Wednesday afternoon to try that experiment where one throws a boiling cup of water into the air and watches it instantly freeze. I figured since I was dressed warmly enough, I would head over to the Clarendon Hills Metra station and see if I could get at least a Metra train on the BNSF Chicago Sub. The car thermometer held a steady -20F during the drive over and I was not surprised to find the parking lot nearly empty. 
First up was an inbound Metra train making its station stop. About 7 or 8 hardu individuals boarded for the trip downtown pushed by Metra 113. 
I was expecting the next train to be a westbound Metra since I could see the headlight way to the east. Instead, I got Amtrak 189 leading eastbound #4 at a good clip down Main 2. It seemed like it was doing every bit of the 60 mph speed limit (reduced from 70 mph because of the subzero weather)
After a longer than expected wait, the westbound Metra showed up pulled by METX 198. Only a couple of people got off the train and quickly scurried to their cars.

BTW, the windchills were in the neighborhood of -40F. Definitely a character builder and I'm grateful that technology exists that lets me get some work done from home

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Date: 02/01/19 21:34
Re: -20F on the BNSF Chicago Sub
Author: kevink

And just for the fun of it, here is my daughter trying the boiling water trick.

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Date: 02/01/19 23:20
Re: -20F on the BNSF Chicago Sub
Author: mp51w

Thanks for the Chicago Winter scenes and extra video.

Date: 02/01/19 23:26
Re: -20F on the BNSF Chicago Sub
Author: casco17

Brrrrr...thanks for braving the cold and posting these.  Despite the content in the other threads, trains are still almost-all-weather transportation

Date: 02/02/19 00:08
Re: -20F on the BNSF Chicago Sub
Author: goduckies

Thanks, it's cold here in sf... 60 degrees lol...

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Date: 02/02/19 01:32
Re: -20F on the BNSF Chicago Sub
Author: zfan

Excellent pics!!  Braver than me. 

Date: 02/02/19 03:49
Re: -20F on the BNSF Chicago Sub
Author: robj

Nice set, can't bet those cold blue skies.


Date: 02/02/19 05:36
Re: -20F on the BNSF Chicago Sub
Author: RevRandy

thanks for all the pix, and especially for the science experiement!!


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