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Date: 03/13/19 19:05
Weather related issues with #4(12)?
Author: Cumbresfan

Number 4 continually lost time today between Kingman (1 hr. late) and ABQ (6 hrs.late arrival). Was it directly weather related or BNSF congestion due to hurricane force winds further east (79 mph at Amarillo)? If the latter or a combination of the two, a slowdown was warranted as a UP freight was blown off a bridge over the Canadian River at Logan, NM (see Western board).

(Number 3 lost 3+ hours between Raton and Las Vegas but NMSP closed adjacent I-25 north of Las Vegas due to crashes and overturned vehicles. It's possible that the old signals were malfunctioning in the gale force winds causing travel at restricted speed.)

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Date: 03/14/19 00:27
Re: Weather related issues with #4(12)?
Author: Rover

From an Amtrk Alerts tweet earlier Wed. afternoon:

Southwest Chief Train 3 which departed Chicago (CHI) on 3/12 is experiencing delays west of Raton (RAT) due to high wind warnings in the area. Currently operating about 4 hr late.

Another tweet gave mutliple reason for the #4 being 6 hours late into ABQ.


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Date: 03/14/19 00:45
Re: Weather related issues with #4(12)?
Author: dan

the tweeeeet; Southwest Chief Train 4 which departed Los Angeles (LAX) on 3/12 is currently operating about 6 hr late due to earlier rail congestion, signal issues, weather-related delays west of Winslow (WLO), and an unforeseen crew change east of Gallup (GLP).

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