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Passenger Trains > no. 43 and an idea for a "heritage unit"

Date: 03/14/19 21:45
no. 43 and an idea for a "heritage unit"
Author: mp109

Amtrak no. 43 the westbound Pennsylvanian heading west at Lucknow Road, passing the 61N at the fuel pad, seen dimly in the distance.  
The Pennsylvanians are limited to a restricted set of P42DC locomotives that are equipped with ACSES so they can run between Philadelphia 
and Harrisburg on the Keystone line. I'm wondering when the new Charger long distance locomotives appear if any will be so equipped? 
What would be great would be if some of them were if they would be Painted in the Pennsylvania RR scheme, preferably the original 5 stripe 
Tuscan red scheme or even the later one stripe scheme. Hopefully not in the Penn Central scheme, although that was what was current when 
Amtrak was created. Maybe someone skilled in Photoshop could give us an idea what a Charger locomotive would look like in a PRR scheme.

Date: 03/15/19 13:09
Re: no. 43 and an idea for a "heritage unit"
Author: PRR1361

An excellent idea!

Date: 03/15/19 13:19
Re: no. 43 and an idea for a "heritage unit"
Author: 79mph

Have mulled this concept over before, and its feasible if some organization or historical society wants to donate, start a go-fund-me, or do something similar.
Ain't gonna happen without $.
Whatever the difference in cost between a standard paint scheme upkeep and a special paint job, that would be the price of admission.
Imagine a whole fleet of new locomotives in historic livery!
How about a few Santa Fe Warbonnets thrown in for good measure.

Date: 03/15/19 20:37
Re: no. 43 and an idea for a "heritage unit"
Author: jp1822

Good idea, but I doubt it will happen, as it will have to be self funded in some way............

When Metro North started its New Haven livery on various dual mode units, a similiar idea at NJT had been circulated among upper management.

Some had hoped it would capitalize on an anniversary date of some sort for NJT rail operations and be a promotion year-round for NJT. Didn't happen though. ALP 46s were also coming online. The idea was for NJT to adopt some old paint schemes from the roads it was now operating commuter passenger service on - CNJ, PRR, DL&W, Erie, etc. The idea had been circulated among management, but never came to be. When the Jersey Shore Commuters Club was having its "Comet IIM" car refurbished back in 2004, they had floated a PRR "wrap" for the car.    

NJT would certainly have a wide variety of "fallen flags" to chose from!!! Metra (Chicago) would too.....

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