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Passenger Trains > Amtrak Acela - failures increasing?

Date: 08/10/19 07:03
Amtrak Acela - failures increasing?
Author: Lackawanna484

Several reports in recent months suggest that the almost 20 year old Acela trains are suffering road failures at an increasing rate.  Does anybody know if this is true?

For many years Amtrak performed Reliability Centered Maintenance on Acela (only), which is derived from predictive studies, and repair / replace before things break.  US Navy submarines and US Air Force uses the technique for systems where in place repairs might be inconvenient.  Like submarines and aircraft.  I believe Amtrak ended the practice in the Boardman era.

Date: 08/10/19 08:37
Re: Amtrak Acela - failures increasing?
Author: CPR_4000

Amtrak must have adopted the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it ... oops, too late!" maintenance philosophy.

Date: 08/10/19 18:31
Re: Amtrak Acela - failures increasing?
Author: twropr

When I look at Amtrak Twitter delays I occasionally see a short (under an hour) delay on an Acela for mechanical issues, but rarely see road failures (train canceled enroute with passengers being rescued by another train).  From what I can see, road failures occur more often on P42s or dual modes than they do on Acelas.

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