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Passenger Trains > Zephyr hits unoccupied car

Date: 10/09/19 10:19
Zephyr hits unoccupied car
Author: atsf121

Glad no one was injured. The article says the car was stuck, but either it was a “slammed/low-rider” pickup or there’s more to the story.


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Date: 10/09/19 11:25
Re: Zephyr hits unoccupied car
Author: DevalDragon

This is a very common problem. People make right (or left) turns on to railroad tracks more often than most people realize.

Most of them call the police who in turn calls the railroad to stop train traffic. Sometimes it's either too late or the ball gets dropped and this is the result.

Date: 10/09/19 19:37
Re: Zephyr hits unoccupied car
Author: wa4umr

Or the police try to call the wrong railroad.  I was listening to the police one evening.  There was a car stuck on an NS track and the officer on site told the dispatcher to call CSX.  I don't remember if they ever figured it out or not.  You would think that the police officer would have been trained somewhere along the line to look for the Crossing Inventory Sign to obtain the information he needed to give the railroad.

My son drives one of the brown UPS trucks and he said that they get small bite training every now and then.  He said the company had CSX come in and talk about safety at the railroad crossings.  I asked my son if he knew about the signs and he said he did.  


Date: 10/10/19 16:14
Re: Zephyr hits unoccupied car
Author: wabash2800

I once saw the aftermath of a pickup hit by an NS train. The vehicle was unoccupied but had a "for sale" sign on it. You can draw your own inferences....

Victor A Baird

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