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Passenger Trains > Shorter trains?

Date: 03/23/20 10:41
Shorter trains?
Author: MacBeau

Couldn't help but notice the Capital Limited went west this morning with only four cars, not the normal six.

Date: 03/23/20 11:27
Re: Shorter trains?
Author: joemvcnj

Yet the Chief, and maybe some other western long hauls, are running normal consists for a March lacking Easter/Passover. 
Loss of Pennsylvanian transfers west of Pittsburgh could be weighing into that, as well of its partial redundancy with the Lake Shore Ltd west of Cleveland. The CL route east of Pittsburgh has never been strong. It never was.

Date: 03/23/20 13:42
Re: Shorter trains?
Author: KV1guy

Yeah some trimming is going on.  The Carolinian for instance is going from 7 cars to 3, a lounge and 2 coaches.

Date: 03/24/20 01:24
Re: Shorter trains?
Author: sums007

There's a Facebook post that says the Palmetto is being temporarily annulled.  Take that for what it's worth.

Date: 03/24/20 03:02
Re: Shorter trains?
Author: mundo

Their is a message on Track work for the Palmanto maybe thats what they see.

Date: 03/24/20 08:36
Re: Shorter trains?
Author: dan

well by keeping the consists normal  makes it easier to social distance

Date: 03/24/20 14:33
Re: Shorter trains?
Author: Pig-Mauler

dan Wrote:
> well by keeping the consists normal  makes it
> easier to social distance

Date: 03/24/20 14:40
Re: Shorter trains?
Author: dcfbalcoS1

 The CL 'has never been strong'. 'It never was.'        and I guess 'It ain't been neither too'      :) 

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