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Date: 07/25/20 21:57
Late #5 in Utah
Author: atsf121

I could have tried for 2 number 5's in the same calendar day like I did in June, but I didn't bother going to look for the 7/24 train coming through about 20ish minutes ago.  The 7/23 version of #5 hasn't even made it to Colfax as I type this.  I took my son to mountain bike practice this morning and had checked the status of last night's 5 knowing it was super delayed.  Sure enough, still show 10+ hours late, so I was able to make a quick stop in American Fork, UT this morning at the Pioneer Crossing bridge over the UP/Frontrunner tracks and snag this video.  The northbound Frontrunner went by as I was pulling over to park, missed getting it in the video.  Think this is the second time in a month that #5 has been late enough for a morning shot, but I missed the last one because I was watering the pumpkins and left 2 minutes too late!  Gotta get my priorities straight.  Was only a few minutes late picking up my son from practice, so it all worked out perfectly this morning.


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Date: 07/26/20 05:08
Re: Late #5 in Utah
Author: MEKoch

There are some real advantages to being 10 hour lates on the CZ.  You will be able to enjoy the whole Nevada desert.  I was on such a late train; the the ride in Nevada was fascinating.  Miles and miles of barren country with mountains, tunnels, etc.  The part of the railroad, which I had not seen, came alive for me.  

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