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Passenger Trains > A P32-8 kinda night

Date: 09/12/20 12:36
A P32-8 kinda night
Author: sethamtrak

Amtrak 517 leads train 342 south at Glenview, IL on the evening of Sept 11th, 2020. As mentioned in my last post, 517 was added because the south facing charger was bad ordered. 

I was thrown a major curveball as I left work and made it with only 5 minutes to spare, got out the car with my hands full of flashes and realized he was coming in on Main 1 and not 2 due to an eastbound CP that the UP had not accepted yet at Shermer and he was still blocking A20 on M2. 


Date: 09/12/20 14:18
Re: A P32-8 kinda night
Author: chakk

Nice shot, especially when made in such  a rush.  Hope it didn't make you spill your Pepsi.

Date: 09/12/20 14:25
Re: A P32-8 kinda night
Author: robj

That one really pops.


Date: 09/12/20 14:42
Re: A P32-8 kinda night
Author: atsf121

Great photo!

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Date: 09/12/20 18:24
Re: A P32-8 kinda night
Author: mp51w

They should do a heritage Pepsi can scheme!

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