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Passenger Trains > No #30/#48 originations or #29/#49 arrivals

Date: 10/14/20 02:59
No #30/#48 originations or #29/#49 arrivals
Author: JPB

As this 5:45AM 10/14/20 screen shot of Amtrak's real time Train Tracker, the eb Capitol and Lake Shore Ltd did not depart Chicago Tuesday evening. And their westbound counterparts won't be arriving on Wednesday 10/14/20.

Date: 10/14/20 19:11
Re: No #30/#48 originations or #29/#49 arrivals
Author: justalurker66

The trains will arrive tomorrow ... on the way from New York/Boston and DC as I write this.

Yes, it has been odd - especially on the Chicago end - to see the last trains head eastbound on Monday knowing that the next westbounds would not arrive until Thursday.

Date: 10/15/20 17:56
Re: No #30/#48 originations or #29/#49 arrivals
Author: ProAmtrak

I'm gonna be glad when this crap is over, 3 days a week is gonna be hard to swallow!

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