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Passenger Trains > 14 Canceled?

Date: 10/15/20 20:06
14 Canceled?
Author: Route246

Is 14 canceled today?

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Date: 10/15/20 20:17
Re: 14 Canceled?
Author: BRAtkinson

Effective this past Monday the 12th, #14 departs LAX Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Amtrak triweekly departures

Date: 10/15/20 20:19
Re: 14 Canceled?
Author: Route246

Thank you.

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Date: 10/15/20 21:45
Re: 14 Canceled?
Author: HH

...and #14 hit a car in Albany, Oregon this afternoon.  News said 1 person died at the Ellingson Road Crossing, which is gated and on straight track in both directions. 

My son-in-law drives a city bus and passed the scene (on Hwy 99) right after it happened.  Last week he witnessed a motorcycle crash right in front of him.  He's pretty shook up.  I'm sure the train crew is also...but no word on them.

Hopmere Hank

Date: 10/16/20 07:23
Re: 14 Canceled?
Author: trainjunkie

HH Wrote:
> ...and #14 hit a car in Albany, Oregon this
> afternoon. 

More on the Western forum. 

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