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Date: 11/20/20 10:11
Amtrak thru Wataga Il question
Author: ns2557

Hey all, Question for those who may perhaps know. Back on April 10 2006 I was in Wataga Il. Had some truck issues that required some roadside repair. While all that was being done I was busy taking shots of whatever came by me. Was there from late on the 9th to late on the 10th. In that time I shot 3 Amtrak runs. 2 NB and 1 SB. What I cant find is which trains were they? I guessing either the SWChief or the Calif Zephyr. But here are the shots. Hoping someone might know by looking at the consist and power assigned one might know which one they are. Checked AMT Schedules from that time frame and it was just before the April 24 2006 Spring/Summer TT. Times for the trains are incl in captions.

Shot 1  4-10-2006 1046L, NB Thinking this may perhaps be the Calif Zephyr.

Shot 2. 4-10-2006 SB  2 units at 1428L

Shot 3   4-10-2006  NB  2units 1312L.

Thanks for any help in which ones these perhaps are.  Be well all. Ben

Date: 11/20/20 10:54
Re: Amtrak thru Wataga Il question
Author: irhoghead

#1 would be the Chief based on the ATS shoe on the lead axle of the lead loco. #2 looks to be the Zephyr due to lack of same. Don't know on #3.

Date: 11/20/20 18:47
Re: Amtrak thru Wataga Il question
Author: MdRailfan

Can't help you on the trains but just want to comment on how convenient it was to break down near the railroad. Also, did the over the road bit for 4+ yrs, realized not my thing, but I got the utmost respect for the truck drivers everywhere and most of you guys and gals now don't get the thanks deserved to you.

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