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Date: 09/13/21 06:27
"Black Flies & Adirondack Rails"
Author: ut-1

My dog Witold (vee-told) and I followed Adirondack Railroad's Utica-Thendara NY run on Saturday, Sept. 11th, first catching No. 1835 leading its train over New York State Rt 12 in Barneveld, 16 miles north of Utica.

We next were 23 miles farther north in Forestport in close (too close) company of a few hundred black flies. Here, the train appears to be traveling at or near the line's top speed of 50 mph.

After leaving my "friends" behind, I stopped to take some video of a nicely restored historical marker.

The final scenes are in Thendara.

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Date: 09/13/21 07:56
Re: "Black Flies & Adirondack Rails"
Author: FiveChime

Nice fast runby with great Alco sound.

Regards, Jim Evans

Date: 09/13/21 09:06
Re: "Black Flies & Adirondack Rails"
Author: gaspeamtrak

That video was excellent !!! I'm still scrathing as if I was with you and those "Black Flies"...:):):)

Date: 09/13/21 10:43
Re: "Black Flies & Adirondack Rails"
Author: RevRandy

Love it - the 50 mph top permitted speed shows

Date: 09/13/21 14:30
Re: "Black Flies & Adirondack Rails"
Author: RMD23

Very nice outing.  Loved hearing hte horns as it approached crossing.   Thanks for sharing.

Date: 09/13/21 15:26
Re: "Black Flies & Adirondack Rails"
Author: Chicodepot

Black Flies this late in the season?

Posted from Android

Date: 09/14/21 18:07
Re: "Black Flies & Adirondack Rails"
Author: UP951West

I enjoyed your video and the country scene by the marsh with the black flies was real nice. I don't know how you stood those black flies, but thanks for the effort . 

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