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Passenger Trains > When Millbrae had trees

Date: 10/13/02 13:28
When Millbrae had trees
Author: photobob

Just a comparison to the post below. My isnt progress grand......

Date: 10/13/02 13:39
Re: When Millbrae had trees
Author: Goatboat

Bob, was this a football special? It seems like an odd time of day for such a big train to be running...

- gb -

Date: 10/13/02 14:18
Big Game train
Author: photobob

The train was heading for the Big Game at Stanford in 1976.

Date: 10/13/02 16:43
Re: When Millbrae had trees
Author: fjc

I liked it better in your photo Bob, I remember the industry tracks and the concrete mixing place where BART is now.

Date: 10/13/02 21:44
Re: When Millbrae had trees
Author: samreeves

Much more scenic than it is now. Heck of a photo.

Date: 10/14/02 07:52
Re: When Millbrae had trees
Author: espee99

Ok, Bob you beat me to my pictures good shot, I did notice that the station was at the intersection of Millbrae. I their was a small crew shack east of the station, where I saw my first RS-32....

Espee 99 OS San Mateo.................

Date: 10/14/02 09:46
Re: When Millbrae had trees
Author: WAF

Did a lot of shooting there in 1979-81.My wife used to take the train from SF after attending night classes and the Milbrae Local would be tied up across from the depot for beans. Life moves on, but rarely for the better.

Date: 10/15/02 15:58
Wrong year
Author: timz

For the record: the Big Game is at Stanford in odd-numbered years. I think the 3197 led in 1975; dunno about 1977 or later.

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