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Date: 05/14/22 09:52
News from STB hearing on CSX/Amtrak case
Author: ronald321

Interesting "Take Aways" from the May 12th hearing regarding starting New Orleans-Mobile trains.

.  The CSX lawyer revealed that the CSX has submitted to Amtrak, an "Offer of Settlement".
However, both CSX and Amtrak asked the Board not to ask questions now, because of on-going discussions.
STB Chairman, Oberman reluctantly agreed.

, Oberman criticized both CSX and Amtrak for not submitting evidence to actually address if passenger trains
will severely harm freight service.  He recessed the hearings for 30 days to give each side time to "fill in the the gaps"
in the evidence, as he put it.

. If they choose not to - and want to proceed with the evidence as it stands -- they do so at their own peril, because  he will then
issue a ruling (on the evidence with gaps).

.  He strongly advised CSX and Amtrak to get together and settle this matter themselves.


Date: 05/14/22 14:26
Re: News from STB hearing on CSX/Amtrak case
Author: ProAmtrak

Like I said before, and this is why I'm not happy with todays Amtrak, if they put 1 and 2 back into Flordia after CSX gave them the all clear after fixing their track from Katrina this wouldn't of been a fisco in the 1ST Place, I'm thinking this is gonna keep dragging just like the OJ Simpson Trial in 95 did!

Date: 05/14/22 15:11
Re: News from STB hearing on CSX/Amtrak case
Author: ronald321

I agree with you that Amtrak management (and the Board of Directors), are a total disgrace. - and have been
since the day Anderson stepped foot on the property.  All they have done is severely downgrade Amtrak service.

Regarding this case dragging on -- Chairman Oberman  stated these hearings ARE taking way to long already --
but he said that he wants to give each side a chance to present COMPLETE evidence to prove their case, as this
is a precedent setting case,  that will determine how future cases like this will be adjudicated (where railroads refuse to run Amtrak trains).

Therefore, hearings will resume in 30 days, because it is not only the interest of Amtrak and the CSX  to be considered, but also
the Public Good, and the wishes of Congress.

Date: 05/15/22 13:43
Re: News from STB hearing on CSX/Amtrak case
Author: ProAmtrak

Don't hold your breath Ronald!

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