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Date: 09/19/22 16:07
Meteor vs. Star MIA to DC
Author: Amtrak-P42

Trying to advise a friend in a sleeper which route to take first week of October for purposes of  2 things:
1. Food/Dining Car
2. Getting a new sleeper

Im aware the Star route is longer, but the above variables are the most important.  Is the Meteor coming back with the same food service as Star? 
Also can someone remind me do I need to book an odd or even number on the Star for a new sleeper?

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Date: 09/19/22 16:55
Re: Meteor vs. Star MIA to DC
Author: ProAmtrak

Hopefully 98 and 97 are back, they might still do a last minute cancelation!

Date: 09/20/22 05:42
Re: Meteor vs. Star MIA to DC
Author: RevRandy

The stated intent was to restore the Meteor, and redistribute the present sleepers between the two trains - 3 to the Meteor, 2 to the Star.  Both were expected to have the first class food service/lounge car in the consist.  In theory, the services on both trains were to be the same.  

Until the new consists are announced, inventoried, and observed, no telling which line numbers will represent the new sleepers. 


Date: 09/20/22 08:47
Re: Meteor vs. Star MIA to DC
Author: jp1822

Star is only running with four sleepers right now (used to be 5 and the split would have been 3 to 2) and the plan is to only operate the Meteor with two Viewliner sleepers. I guess another Viewliner 1 came due for servicing so it had to be parked.....No clue where the 5th Viewliner sleeper went. But the Viewliner II Diner is supposed to be in the consist of Star and Meteor when it debuts again....along with the Amfleet II Diner Lite (Cafe/Lounge). We'll see though! Anything can happen - on downgrading further that is. Traditional dining on the Silver Meteor would be nice, but I doubt that can be pulled off..... Must not ask for too much....... 

Date: 09/20/22 09:07
Re: Meteor vs. Star MIA to DC
Author: Amtrak-P42

On the current 4 car Star-what sleepers are the new ones? Odd or even?

Date: 09/20/22 15:47
Re: Meteor vs. Star MIA to DC
Author: retcsxcfm

The last  time I saw the Star it was before the combined train.It had three sleepers.
Sometime two old ones splcing a new one.I know the best
 thing is check line numbers.
If you are out near the low level trains.You can tell between the old and cars.
The new cars have three broad equal stripes..
That was when the train was every other day.Full diner "lounge"
To days train runs via Hamlet on the exSAL via Savannah and Selma ex ACL

Uncle Joe

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