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Date: 11/23/22 14:15

late set into Seattle and now 16 hours late!

Ed Burns

Date: 11/23/22 15:06
Re: 8/21st
Author: sethamtrak

Let's see if they cancel 7 out of Chicago Thanksgiving day on account of not enough time to turn 8 into 7. 

Date: 11/23/22 15:41
Re: 8/21st
Author: jp1822

If #8/28 can get into Chicago by say 9-10 am, Amtrak should be able to turn it in five hours for a 3:05 pm departure (or thereabouts). Since they know this train is coming in late, Amtrak could try to prepare a substitute train set, OR even take a backup Superliner Sightseer Lounge and Superliner Diner at Chicago, stock it so as to help in the turn of equipment. Those people currently on #8/28 are likely none to happy that they are getting in a day late - on Thanksgiving Day. Any connections to the East Coast or South have been missed.....Amtrak at least provided "on time alternative transportation" to those travelling today from Twin Cities to Chicago.  

Date: 11/23/22 18:44
Re: 8/21st
Author: sethamtrak

Now running about 18 hours late. Puts them into Chicago around 11am. 

BNSF 5304, Amtrak 314, and Amtrak 72. 

Just saw a video of the train, sounds like engine 314 is idling and not powering the train. Trouble with this unit must've occured and they picked up a BNSF leader somewhere. Minot maybe? Was there for two hours. 

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