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Date: 12/01/22 07:35
Pandemic Produced
Author: MacBeau

The financial woes of commuter railroads post COVID due to decimated ridership has been discussed and debated ad nauseam, but this view of the nearly empty Metrolink parking lot at San Bernardino from October last year seemed to sum it all up nicely. This was not staged, just shot as discovered and with what looked like Poe's pet in the upper left corner as the Gothic Writers Seal of Approval, it was too good to pass up.
Be of good cheer,

Date: 12/01/22 07:35
Re: Pandemic Produced
Author: joemvcnj

That percentage of Metrolink ridership is back ?

Date: 12/01/22 07:44
Re: Pandemic Produced
Author: espee4ever

Well done, what an interesting scene.

Date: 12/01/22 08:31
Re: Pandemic Produced
Author: railstiesballast

Commuter parking lots routinely go from empty to full on daily cycles.
But this is an interesting image anyway, thanks for sharing.

Date: 12/01/22 11:09
Re: Pandemic Produced
Author: PHall

The amount of cars parked at the San Bernardino Depot station went down a bunch when the San Bernardino Downtown station opened.
And now with the extension to Redlands open the number of people parking at San Bernardino Downtown will probably go down too.
The three track stub terminal shown in the picture is currently not in use. All trains continue on to San Bernardino Downtown.

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Date: 12/01/22 16:49
Re: Pandemic Produced
Author: jcaestecker

Awesome pic, Mac, with excellent contrast.  Thanks for posting.


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