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Date: 01/23/23 10:49
British traveler rides NOL-CHI
Author: Peter_Hawtrey

Travel writer on YT who normally rides trains throughout Europe decides to try Amtrak. He rides from New Orleans to Chicago and was not impressed with the food offerings but enjoyed his journey.



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Date: 01/23/23 11:57
Re: British traveler rides NOL-CHI
Author: mbrotzman

He picked one of the worst routes!

Date: 01/23/23 14:40
Re: British traveler rides NOL-CHI
Author: WrongWayMurphy

I have ridden most routes, save for AutoTrain and Heartland Flyer, and the 

CHI-NEw Orleans was by far the worst experience, dirty train, bad food,
Rough ride, rude on-board staff, just a crummy trip top to bottom.  The
only saving grace is that it was on time all the way.

Date: 01/23/23 17:56
Re: British traveler rides NOL-CHI
Author: P

I rode the CNO round trip from Champaign, IL to NO about 15 years ago and was very impressed. Nice Superliner equipment, fast running most of the route and awesome creole menu selections in the dining car. The only negative was a clueless sleeper car attendant in the nb return trip. He failed to alert me that my stop in Champaign in the predawn hour was coming up. Luckily, in the days before cell phone alarm clocks, I was awake and aware and helped myself off at the depot. I spotted my car attendant lounging around about 3 cars down on the platform doing who knows what. I just shook my head and headed home.

Overall,an impressive trip. My how times have changed.

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