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Date: 03/13/23 10:14
Pepsi surprise on #6(12)
Author: atsf121

Had noticed #6 was dragging yesterday, figured I might have a shot at seeing it this morning.  When I checked in after breakfast it was just leaving Salt Lake, so I rounded up some of the kids (who had the day off from school) and tried a new spot overlooking the American Fork River - ok, it's a real big strech calling it a river, and it was surprisingly dry today after all of our recent snow and rain.  We had noticed a Provo bound Frontrunner approaching the American Fork station as we drove past, and it passed us first.  The big surprise a few minutes later was seeing Amtrak #160 in the fabulous Pepsi scheme leading the California Zephyr, had no idea it was coming.  I would have picked a better spot had I known.  I half considered chasing further but had a work phones calls starting right then, so I'll have to try another day.  And as we got back in the van, a northbound Frontrunner cruised past, still haven't gotten used to the new schedule yet or I would have waited for it.  All in all, a good use of 30 minutes this morning, and I still made my work calls!


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Date: 03/13/23 16:53
Re: Pepsi surprise on #6(12)
Author: ProAmtrak

Nice video footage Nathan!

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