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Date: 08/17/07 09:26
Your updates to SPV's Welcome
Author: RRmemories


I enjoy keeping on top of any new, restored, or abandoned trackage in the SPV Railroad Atlas group. If you're sure of any changes found on your rail fan trips, please post it here. Maybe you'd like to update your own too.

(I'm doing this solely as a fun home project, no connection to the Mr. Walker or the publisher)

Also, anyone who can offer updated information on the U.S Railroad Traffic Atlas by Harry Ladd, please post. I'm sure this is far different from the 2003 volume. Has there been an update already?

Thanks to all in advance

Aaron '07

Date: 08/18/07 21:28
Re: Your updates to SPV's Welcome
Author: hebron_hapt

As far as the Traffic Density Atlas is concerned, it's reported as "Sold Out":


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