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Date: 01/08/17 12:29
CHEPE passenger notice
Author: mundo


Good afternoon,

we inform you that the blockage created by the group named "El Barzon" it has been put back on Cuauhtémoc by what tracks remain blocked, so we will continue with transfers of passengers by bus

on Sunday 8 and Monday 9 January we continue with the transfer of passengers from Chihuahua to Creel to Divisadero and Divisadero-Creel-Chihuahua in Bus

Passengers must wait in the Creel in the schedule of the train station to board the transport.

We ask that you notify your customers traveling from Posada Barrancas Creel to take the train in Posada and descend in Divisadero to address the transportation that will take you to your destination.

We very much regret this situation which is totally alien to Ferromex and we hope that it will be possible to restore the service as soon as possible.

We ask you to kindly take the appropriate measures to this situation and comment with your customers.

The train service will be as follows

8 and 9 January 2017
Los Mochis Los Mochis to Divisadero and Divisadero-Los in Station

We appreciate your understanding and we will be advising on any changes

Date: 01/11/17 15:38
Re: CHEPE passenger notice
Author: mundo

Blockade removed.  Passenger trains restart Jan 12.

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