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Date: 10/15/18 13:30
Rio Tinto AutoHaul Technology Questions
Author: Coach_Key

I was wondering if anyone here has any insight on how AutoHaul System on Rio Tinto's pilbara rail network works and functions?  I've read the previous threads here on trainorders and have seen a promotional video on Rio Tinto's YouTube page, but other than that, there is not much information on this out on the web.

Here a few of the many questions I have:

Once the trains are set up, are the train dispatchers in Perth responsible for the actual movement of the train consists or are the trains being monitored by somebody else? 
Are there support crews on the ground to deal with mechanical failures, broken coupler knuckles, manual turnout control, etc?
Can track foreman's and MOW crews on the ROW remotely operate and monitor trains passing though their work zones (Via radio or computer)?
Does the AutoHaul system utilize existing signal systems or does the technology require everything to be new? 

Any information is appreciated on this new and  interesting technology!

Thank You!

Date: 10/16/18 07:17
Re: Rio Tinto AutoHaul Technology Questions
Author: goneon66

also, any info on what dispatching systems are used and a picture of their dispatching screens would be appreciated.

thanks for any info..........


Date: 10/20/18 19:10
Re: Rio Tinto AutoHaul Technology Questions
Author: NSDTK

That screen shot , looks like a New York airbrake Leader system.

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