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International Railroad Discussion > A Quiet Look at Keihan Railway (Japan 1990)

Date: 10/19/18 04:47
A Quiet Look at Keihan Railway (Japan 1990)
Author: Korigaoka1811

Back in 1990 I was new in Japan and explored the Keihan Railway from Osaka to Kyoto for the first time.  (I lived on-line at Hirakata, about half-way between the two cities.)  It seemd that Keihan's main-line was mostly an urban railroad with little feeling of the countryside about it.  But these two pictures do have a bit of rural atmosphere.  I was riding a local for San-jo in Kyoto and got off here for some trackside photography.  I believe the station was Fushimi-Inari and the bridge over the tracks in picture two was a JR line.


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