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Date: 10/07/19 19:47
Hamersley Iron Railroad C36-7 preserved in Brazil
Author: pedrop

See the original news with photos in this link  https://abpfsuldeminas.com/

The ABPF - Brazilian Association of Railway Preservation - Southern Region of Minas Gerais did not take another important step in preserving the memory of the national railway, but also worldwide. As part of our focus on the most historically significant “new” rolling stock, an ABPF is moving ahead in the rescue of diesel-electric locomotives and now acquires yet another large diesel-electric locomotive: this is the model GE locomotive. C36-7 No. 9380 ex. Ferronorte / Fiagril.

A locomotive was acquired by its owner, a Fiagril company, in an auction held on the last 10th. This is another action aimed at rescuing the memory of the Brazilian railways.

Brief history

A 9380 locomotive, created a C36-7, was manufactured in April 1978 for Hamersley Iron Railroad, Australia; It arrived on this railroad with two more identical units, numbered 5057, 5058 and 5059, all manufactured by A. Goninan & Co in Broadmeadow, Newcastle, Australia, under license from GE. These locomotives were used on the railroad until 1997, when they were withdrawn from operation due to the arrival of the new GE Dash-9 locomotives.

In August 1998, as three were sold to a National Rail Equipment Company - NREC and exported to the United States, where they were damaged to a south Norfolk railroad. In 2005, a 5059 was sold to a Minnesota commercial railroad where it received No. 59 and two others were sold to Brazil, bought by Fiagril, a soy trading company based in Lucas do Rio Verde-MT, to sell part of its soybean by the railways of Brasil Ferrovias.



As locomotives were renovated in MGE in Hortolândia-SP and still in 2005 put into service at Brasil Ferrovias - Ferronorte. An old 5057 became 9380 and the old 5058 became 9381 and began its “lives” in Brazil under the nuclei of Brasil Ferrovias - Ferronorte. Shortly after, a BF downgraded all as C36 to C30.

In 2006, ALL - América Latina Logística purchased a BF. A 9381 was transferred by ALL to MRS in 2007 in exchange for the EMD SD40-2 5238. A 9381 was renamed MRS to 3749 and is currently active today, repackaged as C36 and microprocessor.

In 2008, the 9380 then received as ALL cores (as which they still maintain today).

In 2015, ALL was acquired by Rumo Logística, which kept 9380 in operation until the end of 2018, when it was returned to the owner.

In September 2019, it was authorized to sell by the owner in an auction, being awarded by ABPF - Regional Sul de Minas.

The former 5059, which became 59 of the Minnesota Commercial Railroad, has been taken out of service and is currently collected in a courtyard awaiting destination.

The 9380 is a rare locomotive, one of only three made in the world and one of two that came to the country. Its differential in relation to the other C36-7 and C30-7 existing in the country, if, first, due to the origin (locomotive made in Australia) and, due to the admission characteristic in the diesel engine, bigger in the standard, with a “Hump” with fins ”has the behavior of larger air filters, due to the working conditions on the Australian railroad, which cuts desert regions with the presence of a lot of dust.

It also differs in the larger capacity "higher" fuel tank, with its top reaching to a skirt of the dais, and longer because the air tanks are mounted just behind the tank, allowing so this one gets to the next front trick. Another unique feature or dual cabin thermal coating, applied to soften as high temperatures faced in Australia.

The 9380 will now be incorporated into ABPF's fleet in Guararema / SP and possibly go to Cruzeiro for maintenance.

9380 Datasheet

Manufacturer: A. Goninan & Co, - Newcastle, Australia (licensed to GE)

Date of Manufacture: April 1978

Serial Number: 53

Model: C36-7 (lowered by BF to C30-7)

Data of startup in Brazil: Jun / 2005

Weight: 190 tons

Railways: Original Hamersley Railroad # 5057; then NREX No. 5057; after BF nº 9380

Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG
Minas Gerais Railways

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