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Date: 12/23/19 17:22
"Thunderstruck Luck"
Author: aussiehinz

In May, 2002, good Australian buddy Keith Gillett and I were off on a long weekend journey texploring the island state of Tasmania. As we were driving from Launceston toward Hobart, we got into a violent thunderstorm. It rained like blazes on us, to the point we had to stop the car to wait it out for a bit. Approaching the small town of Campania, the rain eased off, and to my surprise, I could see that we had suddenly caught up with a slow moving Hobart bound container train paralleling the highway. As the storm passed, a very well defined storm front line with clear, blue skies beyond it to the west appeared to be only a few kms ahead of us, and we began to look for a side road to hopefully intercept the train just as the light changed from stormy to sunshine. With a whole lot of luck and good fortune, we succeeded. It was, by far, the best photo I obtained on the entire trip. Near Campania, Tasmania, May, 2002.


Date: 12/23/19 17:29
Re: "Thunderstruck Luck"
Author: cabsignaldrop

Very nice! Love the dark sky in the background.

Posted from Android

Date: 12/23/19 18:37
Re: "Thunderstruck Luck"
Author: rbutterfield

Absolutely stunning, thanks for sharing!!
Bob the Dread Pirate

Date: 12/23/19 18:43
Re: "Thunderstruck Luck"
Author: Utahfannz

Marvelous shot. The kiwi rebuilds still running, recognize that DXR cab.

Date: 12/23/19 20:19
Re: "Thunderstruck Luck"
Author: tomstp

Storm light makes for impressive photos.

Date: 12/24/19 06:51
Re: "Thunderstruck Luck"
Author: GettingShort

VERY nice!

Date: 12/24/19 14:57
Re: "Thunderstruck Luck"
Author: retcsxcfm

Did you see any devils over there?

Uncle Joe

Date: 12/25/19 10:31
Re: "Thunderstruck Luck"
Author: mundo

NICE   shot.

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