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Date: 01/10/20 11:32
Western Europe based discussions
Author: towazy

  Hoping this post doesn't rustle any feathers,that's not my intent. I'm just looking for further information and news of European railroading. While Trainorders is hands down above all other US based sites in this genre,I'm looking to expose myself to more European content as I plan to travel there in the near future.
   Are there any English speaking/written sites based in Europe that can be recommended as add on to what we get here? Sites who's primary content is European railroads,especially those of Switzerland and Western Europe? 

   Thanks in advance for any help,and thanks for Trainorders for what they already provide.

Date: 01/10/20 11:40
Re: Western Europe based discussions
Author: PHall

Have you tried the European Railroads Board on this very same website?

Date: 01/10/20 11:43
Re: Western Europe based discussions
Author: exhaustED

Hi Tom, there's a site in the UK called 'WNXX'. It's a general UK-based traction news site but it has a forum site associated with it, 'www.wnxxforum.co.uk' that covers UK stuff in a lot of depth but on the forum there's also a European section where people with a wealth of knowledge on the European scene post/discuss.
It's a £10/year subscription site... or less for shorter periods.
There's a member on TO, '86235' who I think knows a lot about continental European railways...

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Date: 01/11/20 08:31
Re: Western Europe based discussions
Author: prrmpup

Another UK site is Rail UK forums.
They have an international section that focuses primarily on continental European railways.
It is free to join.

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Date: 01/11/20 17:26
Re: Western Europe based discussions
Author: mundo

For a monthly magazine covering Europe,  news - new and historic,  feature stories current and historical,
Today's Railways Europe.

Published in the UK  57.60 pounds  airmail to the US.  arrives around the 3rd of the month
Platform 5 Publishing 52 Broadfield Rd, Sheffield  58OXJ  ENGLAND

Visa - Mastercard.

Date: 01/11/20 17:34
Re: Western Europe based discussions
Author: mundo

For Swiss Railways only  is the Swiss Express, by the Swiss Railways Society

20 pounds a year for four issues.

Current news and photo's along with lots of historic material.


But for what's going on in Europe the Railways Europe posted adjacent, is a better bet and far more current being 12 issues a year.

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