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Date: 01/24/20 10:57
Additional mineral lines in Jamaica
Author: LTCerny

In addition to the mineral-hauling rail operation mentioned in yesteray's post from Ewarton to Port Esquival via Spanish Town that uses Jamaica Railway tracks, a survey on Google Earth showed three private mineral rail lines in service, two more on the south coast with ports at Rocky Point and Port Kaiser, and one on the north cost at Discovery Bay. 

Date: 01/27/20 12:48
Re: Additional mineral lines in Jamaica
Author: lynnpowell

Here is some more information that I found.  Three of the four bauxite haulers are fairly close to Kingston, so if you go on a vacation to Jamaica, you can probably easily get in some railfanning.  As previously stated, three operations are on the south coast to the west of Kingston, and the fourth is on the north coast, 33-miles east on Montego Bay.
WINDALCO (West Indies Aluminia Co., which is under a Russian umbrella corporation) has the former ALCAN operation, with the mine at Ewarton, a 28-mile rail haul (25-miles on Jamaican Rail Corp trackage, 3-miles on their private trackage) to Port Esquiville.  Port Esquiville is 20-miles west of Kingston.
JAMALCO (Jamaican Aluminia Co.) has the former ALCOA operation, with the mine 2-miles south of Enriu and Clarendon Park, a 19-mile rail haul (5-miles on ex-Jamaican Rail Corp. abandoned line and 14-miles on a purpose built private line) to Rocky Point Port.  This operation has no connection to any other rail operation.  Rocky Point Port is 25-miles west of Kingston.
WINDALCO also has the former ALPART operation, with the mine and production facility at Nain, and an 11-mile rail haul to Port Kaiser on Alligator Pond.  This is a purpose built railroad with no connection to any other rail operation.  The entire operation was rebuilt about three years ago and the motive power is now Chinese-built boxcab diesels!  Alligator Pond is 53-miles west of Kingston.
NORANDA has the former KAISER operation, with the Saint Anne Mine 2-miles west of Alexandria, a 19-mile rail haul to the production facility at Port Rhodes on Discovery Bay.  This is a purpose built railroad with no connection to any other rail operation.  This line traverses some really steep grades.  Port Rhodes is 33-miles east of Montego Bay.
To see some photos of the motive power of these bauxite roads, see www.bensonrailphotos.com....go to foreign country Jamaica.
For more detailed info on the Jamaican bauxite operations, see www.jbi.org.jm/pages/bauxite_alumina_plants. 
If train chasing in Jamaica, remember that they drive on the left hand side of the road!  Also of note is that freeways in Jamaica are toll roads!

Date: 01/27/20 15:54
Re: Additional mineral lines in Jamaica
Author: LTCerny

Thanks for this detailed information.

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