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Date: 07/30/20 04:22
Railway Travel Map Series
Author: andersonb109

Here is the first of my map posts inspired by TO member Pennengineer.  I've decided to post on the International Board as most are not European but all are "International.'  First is not train related. Those will follow. It's a world map showing all countries visited with little pins. We can argue all day about what counts as visiting a country. For my purposes, if I set foot on the ground, I'm in. For example, Natal counts...we walked across the border from India, then back. Vatican counts...there are no border checks.  Japan counts...I got of the plane, had some food, bought some stuff and flew out but never left the airport.  Saudi Arabia doesn't count. Landed but never got off the plane.  Passports stamps are no longer relevant. I've been to many European countries without ever going through Passport Control or Customs. 

To date, I've been to 61 countries on all but one continent (no railway there). I've been on railways in all but 11 of them. Some don't even have railways so why was I there? I've traveled just under 673,000 by rail with 114,000 unique miles. And slept in a room 768 nights or 2.1 years of my life on a train (inc. stabled).  I've been in or out of 1,377 stations the most being Chicago Union Station with 254. I find keeping track of such stuff is an interesting part of the hobby and combines well with the photography aspect.  Rail travel maps to follow on a daily basis. 

Date: 07/30/20 12:36
Re: Railway Travel Map Series
Author: Lackawanna484

That's an amazing travel experience.

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Date: 07/30/20 13:09
Re: Railway Travel Map Series
Author: krm152

Your travels are impressive by any measure  Your documentation is excellent.
Mine are much more limited hasving been to six western European countries and for Asian countries.
Plus, I've been to Turkey on both the European and Asian side.
However, not surrisingly, I noticed you've been to every country I've been to except for one.
That is Taiwan.  I made two trips there.  It is a very interestiung place to visit.
Thanks for sharing all of your great travel information.

Date: 07/30/20 14:29
Re: Railway Travel Map Series
Author: pedrop

Very interesting map. I see you didn' visit my country Brazil. Nice railroads here too.

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Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG
Minas Gerais Railways

Date: 07/30/20 15:19
Re: Railway Travel Map Series
Author: retcsxcfm

All it takes is money,prenty of money.
I wish i could travel like that.

Uncle Joe

Date: 07/30/20 16:37
Re: Railway Travel Map Series
Author: Utahfannz


Date: 07/30/20 17:45
Re: Railway Travel Map Series
Author: masterphots

Reminds me of all my flight logs.   Every date, segment, miles, airline, aircraft type,  airports/countries visited, on and on.  Also last flights on various types from DC3 to 747.  Sometimes I think I should have listed ever model and year of cars I've hired.   Nah....enough is enough.  Now I've logged all our 17-year old son's flights.  He's over 300,000 miles but not that many airlines or aircraft types.   His first two were at 4 months on  AA 763/MD80.   I doubt if he'll keep his log up.  

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Date: 07/31/20 02:58
Re: Railway Travel Map Series
Author: andersonb109

I wish I had kept track of my flights as well. I do have a list of number of flights on individual airlines including many defunct. And airports. I never bothered to keep track of aircraft types but pretty much have them in my head.  After Detroit Metro (DTW), I've been to Amsterdam Schipol the most followed by Kiev Borispol, London Heathrow, and Frankfurt Flughaffen. Domestically Seattle SEATAC follows DTW, then MSP and LAX.  As for the ability to do this much travel, never being married or having kids including putting them through college certainly helped. But with Yana's son nearing college age and a dad who could care less, that expense is coming soon enough!

Date: 07/31/20 07:14
Re: Railway Travel Map Series
Author: colehour

Impressive stats! You might beat E.M.Frimbo in mileage.

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