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Date: 12/30/20 14:38
Dual gauge train (Brazil)
Author: pedrop

Hi, a pic from group I follow in facebook. It shows two grain trains meeting somewhere in Rumo mainline. At left, we see a broad gauge Rumo train. At right, a narrow gauge VLI leaded by broad gauge GE AC44i's. Note how the cars are a bit to the right and a space occupied by the transition car called "madrinha". There is a video about this dual gauge trains in one of my old posts here in TO.


Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG

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Date: 12/30/20 17:06
Re: Dual gauge train (Brazil)
Author: Locoinsp

Wow! What a neat photo! Thanks for posting!

Date: 12/30/20 19:46
Re: Dual gauge train (Brazil)
Author: Ritzville

Nice shot of the two gauges of trains.


Date: 01/01/21 07:31
Re: Dual gauge train (Brazil)
Author: espee99

Nice shot, You can clearly see the ex narrow guage car in the broad guage consist.

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