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Date: 03/01/21 17:14
Dogs and trains (Brazil)
Author: pedrop

Hi, friend E. Cabral sent me a video of empty grain J507 passing through his ranch between EDY and EAF sidings. I edited it to post here. It is a very nice tortuous line up and down hill.



Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG

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Date: 03/01/21 18:02
Re: Dogs and trains (Brazil)
Author: Bob3985

Great video and cute pups.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 03/01/21 18:15
Re: Dogs and trains (Brazil)
Author: op11

Thank you for the video Pedro----I love it. David in Shedd, Oregon

Date: 03/01/21 18:38
Re: Dogs and trains (Brazil)
Author: Ritzville

Nice to see dog railfans looking at a long train.


Date: 03/01/21 21:28
Re: Dogs and trains (Brazil)
Author: cabsignaldrop

The dogs did their jobs of scaring away that big 'ol mean train. Great video, thanks for sharing!

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