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International Railroad Discussion > Mexico (Querétaro and Puebla) - Jan 2023

Date: 03/30/23 15:40
Mexico (Querétaro and Puebla) - Jan 2023
Author: johnusnsd

1.  FXE 4693 (GE ES44AC) WB in Querétaro Canyon just west of the where the lines to/from CDMX split on Monday, 1/16/2023.
2.  FSRR 4711 (GE ES44AC) - on the head-end of a WB oil can (equivalent of old SP oil cans - but the tanks are not connected).....still, an impressive lash up (with the buffer cars). This set just came out of the mountain range from Veracruz, with 2 on the head, 2 mid and 1 shoving, at Mazapiltepec de Juárez, Puebla on 01/17/2023.
3.  FSRR 14513 (GE C30-S7N) with FNM 9618 (GE C30-7) running light, SB at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (SUAyED Tlaxcala) on Tuesday, 1/17/2023. The line south out of Apizaco is impressive - and I hope to catch more action on the grades and curves later in 2023.



Date: 03/30/23 16:20
Re: Mexico (Querétaro and Puebla) - Jan 2023
Author: pedrop

Very nice to see pictures from Mexico. I know the country has nice lines through the desert and mountains. Please, keep more pics from  Mexico coming to us.

Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano MG,

Date: 03/31/23 15:47
Re: Mexico (Querétaro and Puebla) - Jan 2023
Author: Ritzville

Very interesting series!


Date: 04/01/23 06:59
Re: Mexico (Querétaro and Puebla) - Jan 2023
Author: dwatry

More Mexico, please!

Posted from iPhone

Date: 04/06/23 16:42
Re: Mexico (Querétaro and Puebla) - Jan 2023
Author: inCHI

Neat shots! Did you get a picture of FSRR 9618? From what I found online, that is a pretty rare one - someone posted that three C30-7's got a complete overhaul in 2022, and that is one of them.

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