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Date: 04/04/24 15:28
Buenos Aires Rail Photo Help
Author: NYSW252

I will be visiting the Buenos Aires area during late May and plan to spend a few days trackside.  One of my targets is to photograph remaining RSD16, RSD35 and RSD39 locomotives, along with any G12 or G22 locomotives. I've read that these locomotive are assigned to several outlying commuter routes, including the line from Villa Ballester to Zarate.  Has this changed and are the older locomotives still in use on the outlying routes? Would also like to photograph any freight trains. What routes contain the most freight traffic and where are the best locations to photograph these trains?  Are any railroad yards accessible to photograph locomotives, specifically roster shots? Are there any dynamic rail-photo locations that I should not miss? Any help for this Northerner is greatly appreciated.


Date: 04/05/24 07:57
Re: Buenos Aires Rail Photo Help
Author: 55002

A railfan friend here in the UK has just returned from a S American trip, including Rio, Buenos & Santiago. He is on flickr, and this is a quote by him on one of his photos taken at Buenos station. He has since told me he stopped walking around solitary with camera gear in all 3 cities, unless with a guide. Hope this helps, Chris UK

 "away from the station termini I was warned that in many localities a camera or even iPhone being used for rail photography would be risky and a draw for theft and muggings. This came from a couple of separate people. For that reason I curtailed my wanderings away from busy locations."

Date: 04/07/24 04:36
Re: Buenos Aires Rail Photo Help
Author: 86235

There used to be a freight yard of FerroSur Roca at Km5 south of Plaza Constitution Station. IIRC I got there via Gerli, which is on the electrified commuter line to Glew and Ezeiza from Plaza C.

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Date: 04/08/24 07:48
Re: Buenos Aires Rail Photo Help
Author: 99stang

I just returned from a trip to Buenos Aires and Santiago: it was not railfan-focused as the spouse probably would not have enjoyed that!  I did see some locos out the window during a Buenos Aires car tour around the docks but it was raining hard and didn't ask the driver to stop.  I got my "fix" on the Route 7 road trip in Mendoza later; no rolling stock but remnants of the Transandine Railway (see my other post).  We were also advised that wandering off in certain neighborhoods, no mater how photogenic, was prabably not a smart move.


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