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Date: 01/04/09 10:21
railfan frequencies
Author: Stevelton

So, I think I have seen things like this discussed here before.
But I found a pdf put out by a scanner club near chicago.
Has a list of AAR railroad channels used in IL.


At the bottom of the file, there are suggested MURS, FRS, and HAM frequencies for railfans to use.
Any railfan groups use or follow this suggestion?
Here in my county, Wayne Co., IL, ham 440 is the primary band in use, and if I can talk a few of my railfan buddies into getting a ham license then I hope we can use the local 440 repeaters and the suggested uhf simplex frequency of 446.050.

In the group that I railfan with, sometimes we go in different vehicles to the same place, sometimes to different spots, and the radio would help the use chit chat with the whole group (Railfan simplex net).
Any other railfan groups out there that use one of the above mentioned radio services to keep intouch?
Now, I realize just everyboby loves 2 meters. So why not our group use the already established 146.49. But Im not talking about a nation wide railfan calling channel. People have been trying to get something like that going forever, but nobody seems to follow along.
Just wondering if smaller local groups use radios instead of cell phones, and what radio bands (FRS, MURS, or HAM) those groups are using.

Steven, KC9GMX

Date: 01/05/09 05:17
Re: railfan frequencies
Author: JUTower

On the rare occasions that I get to fan with a couple other Hams we do use 146.49 to caravan around. Only got to do this once or twice though.

-Alex KB3JOL

Date: 01/05/09 08:28
Re: railfan frequencies
Author: mojaveflyer

Never used the ham radio for railfanning, just the 'Children's Band' (CB) on a few chases. We frequently use 446.0 or 146.49 for storm chasing, though. The car to car channel is usually the one on the band we're not talking to Net Control on for the storm chasing stuff... Nice to have a dual band radio.

Jim Nelson

Date: 01/05/09 21:01
Re: railfan frequencies
Author: RustyRayls

My brother and I use Motorola FRS/GMRS radios when we're out and about. They work just fine and have pretty decent range. We're usually not that far apart anyway.


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