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Date: 02/20/12 13:18
60i vs 60p
Author: bigjim4life

I'm a bit confused regarding 60i vs 60p frame rate when it comes to HD video. I'm currently shooting in 60i, and the shots look very clear, however, when a train passes, I can't quite read the lettering on the engines, it goes by too quick to read clearly. Is 60p better for quality, makes things clearer? Or is there no real noticeable difference? So far I'm only watching the movies on my computer/iPad, and not via blu-ray or HDTV.

Date: 02/20/12 14:41
Re: 60i vs 60p
Author: hdralleiii

"p" stands for progressive and "i" is for interlaced. With 60p, you get the whole picture every frame and with "i" you get half the picture every frame with alternating even/odd pixel sampling. Advantages and disadvantages to both. "p" generally is a better picture for motion as I recall and "i" is not as clear..


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Date: 02/20/12 21:57
Re: 60i vs 60p
Author: clem

60p is one frame every 60th if a second; 60i is 1/2 a frame every 1/120th of a second.

If you are going to freeze-frame, progressive is better. If you are going to watch motion, interlaced is supposed to look "smoother." Whether that is useful, particularly at 60 fps, is debatable.

Photoshop will "deinterlace" a 30i or 60i single frame to progressive. It will not look as good as a 30p or 60p frame, but will be an improvement in the interlaced still.

Date: 02/21/12 11:24
Re: 60i vs 60p
Author: bigjim4life

Ahhh...I'm not interested in stills. Just the video clarity of a train moving by...

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