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Date: 01/21/19 21:59
Canon Len EF 70-200mm L- Lens
Author: conrail1949

Looking to buy a Canon EF 70 - 200mm lens need some input , EF 70 -200mm f2.8LUSM or EF70-200mmF4L USM . I have a EOS 7D Mark II body , and a RF 24-105mm F4 L USM Lens  

Date: 01/21/19 23:41
Re: Canon Len EF 70-200mm L- Lens
Author: Mgoldman

As I understand it, both are very sharp - the f/4 has the price advantage and it is
also much lighter, smaller and less conspicous.  The f/2.8 however is one of the
sharpest lenses I've ever had - and natrually, you can stop it to f/2.8 when the
light is low.  The f/2.8 will also give you that better bokah (softness around the
subject when desired - think portraits).  One catch on the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 -
version I is no longer supported by Canon - they won't touch it!  Version II is
supposed to be sharper - I think a stop better with image stablization, and the
same goes (again) with version III.  Can't recall if the f/4 has IS or not, or perhaps
it came with and without.

Incidentally - I have a Canon 70-200 f/2.8 up for sale - with a caveat - there is
some dust inside the lens, despite the fact that it was "recently" refurbished by
Canon including replacement of the focus motor and assembly.  If anyone is
local to Philly/Trenton and is interested in testing /purchasing, please send me
a PM.  Have a nice 300 mm f/4 prime too!


Date: 01/22/19 08:10
Re: Canon Len EF 70-200mm L- Lens
Author: kg6nlw

I love the agility of the Canon 70-200mm L ƒ2.8 lens I have. It works great in the low light situations at longer distances for me.


-Frank C.

Frank Christ
Cloverdale, CA
FranksRails Photography, LLC.

Date: 01/22/19 16:23
Re: Canon Len EF 70-200mm L- Lens
Author: trkinsptr

You might consider the 70-300 F4-5.6L. I have owned the 70-200 2.8 and the F4 over the years and this is what I use today. Its sharp and doesn't take much room in the camera bag.

Date: 01/22/19 16:28
Re: Canon Len EF 70-200mm L- Lens
Author: exhaustED

I'd second the 70-300mm suggestion, a great lens. Also in non-L format. 

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Date: 01/22/19 17:51
Re: Canon Len EF 70-200mm L- Lens
Author: CNW8531

The Canon 70-200mm f 2.8 L IS II is what I've used for years and I'll stand by it over anything else.  You can no doubt find cheaper lenses to purchase but you won't find a better one.  Everyone has to personally choose on whether they want the best image quality and sharpness available  (and pay the price for it) or save a few bucks and go with a lessor quality lens.  Your budget will be a deciding factor I'm sure.  I have heard that the f 4 version of the 70-200mm is just as good in quality and sharpness, and that would even save you dollars in the purchase price without sacrificing on quality.  Good luck in your decision!

Date: 01/22/19 20:50
Re: Canon Len EF 70-200mm L- Lens
Author: norm1153

I'll "third" the 70-300mm L suggestion.  It is also image stabilized.  It has been on 5D Miii and an 80D.  Fantastic.


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Date: 01/23/19 12:17
Re: Canon Len EF 70-200mm L- Lens
Author: trkinsptr

I use it with the 5d3 and 5d4. Its only drawback is it won't work with teleconverters. Due do its small diameter (67mm) it works good on a lot of bridge fencing.

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Date: 01/24/19 08:01
Re: Canon Len EF 70-200mm L- Lens
Author: milepost180

I have an EF 24-70 and EF 100-400.  Great lenses.  I took a chance and bought used on Amazon from a vendor that had tons of reviews vs 6 reviews.  I chose lenses that were considered like new.  I was not dissapointed.  I know I saved around $1000 on one and around $600 on the other based on new price.  Might want to explore that option.

Date: 01/24/19 08:56
Re: Canon Len EF 70-200mm L- Lens
Author: video7105

I love my EF 70-300mm L Lens  I specially like the fact that you dont have telescoping lens.  I use it on my Canon 7D Mark II.  Heres here a picture taken down the road pass the Bridgeview Bed and Breakfast, shooting back towards Rockville Bridge. I paid $900.00 on eBay.  oh BTW, this was a handheld shot.  1/640  F8  ISO400

Dave in PA

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Date: 01/25/19 23:07
Re: Canon Len EF 70-200mm L- Lens
Author: dirkb

I've got the 70-200 f4 IS and the 70-200 2.8L II The 2.8 wins hands down. No question. It's not the f4 is bad - not at all. the 2.8 is just sharper and has better bokeh (and the 2.8 factor). they just came out with a version III of the 2.8, I and a version II of the f4. That looks interesting. I may offload my 2 f4's for one of those. No experience with the 70-300 L

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Date: 02/01/19 10:41
Re: Canon Len EF 70-200mm L- Lens
Author: Alco251

I now own my third copy of the 70-200f2.8L, which I use with a Canon 6D and as backup, a 5D. Love this lens. 
Have heard lots of nice things about the f4 version--have never used it--and it's something to consider if weight is a factor.
As far as the 70-300 goes, have you considered the 70-200f2.8L and a 1.4x extender? Gives you the 300 mm reach at f4.

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