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Date: 08/06/19 10:07
New camera, file compatability issue
Author: pennsy3750

I finally found the cash to downgrade the 30D to backup status, and replaced it with a new Canon 77D.  I took the kids to the park this morning and took some test shots while we were there, shooting both RAW and JPG images.  Pics downloaded from the card onto the computer without issue.  I had to download an update from Microsoft to be able to view the RAW thumbnails, but that now works just fine.

A problem arises in Photoshop.  (I'm using Photoshop Elements 10.)  When I try to open the RAW files, PSE-10 gives me an error message saying "Cannot open [filename] because it is the wrong type of file."  It will open RAW files from the old camera without any difficulty, and both the old and new cameras shoot CR2 files.  Do I need to download some sort of add-on for Photoshop for the newer camera?  If so, how would I go about doing so?

Or is the solution here that I need to get a newer version of Photoshop?

Thanks in advance.

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Date: 08/06/19 13:10
Re: New camera, file compatability issue
Author: ReadingRR

PSE 10 is getting a little long in the tooth.  My experience has been that Adobe only updates PSE for a year, or until a new version comes out .  Hope this helps,

Date: 08/06/19 13:10
Re: New camera, file compatability issue
Author: Frisco1522

Look on Adobe's website and see if there's a download for it.

Date: 08/06/19 17:36
Re: New camera, file compatability issue
Author: BRAtkinson

That's one of the 'gotchya's' of upgrading camera gear.  Software and/or hardware has to got to be upgraded to deal with new file formats.  Microsoft Office is another of the common surprises that happens.

In short, bite the bullet and upgrade PSE.  I think it's PSE 17 right now.  I upgraded my PSE several times moving from XP to Win 7 to Win 10.  THere's a bunch of new features that make you're life easier with later PSE

Date: 08/07/19 19:29
Re: New camera, file compatability issue
Author: Mid_Iowa_Rails

You could try converting the CR2 files into DNG format, which legacy Adobe programs should be able to recognize. More info here: https://theblog.adobe.com/dng-pros-cons-and-myths/

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